Spanish Version in Production!

I’m very excited to announce that “At Second Sight”(Book 2 of the Not Forgotten Series) is current being produced in Spanish. “A Segunda Vista” will be available soon with all major digital book retailers. Thank you to my translation partner, Raquel Tejedor Alonso for her wonderful work!

New Releases

I am currently working on a serial fiction collection entitled, The Haunted Collection. The Kindle edition of the third short work went live today on Amazon!

Remembered – The Ghosts of Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, Louisiana leaving devastation and ruin in its path. Following a mandatory evacuation order, many people fled to safety. For reasons of their own, others stayed to ride out the storm. Many did not make it, but those who did faced days of isolation as up to three feet of water covered the city when the levees broke.

In this fictional tale, one unlikely couple bunker down in the French Quarter and wait for the waters to recede. They think they’ve found safety among friends in the abandoned city but one of them encounters a presence so evil it will turn their world upside down.

When psychic genius Thomas Lynch sees accounts of paranormal activity in New Orleans on the news, he convinces his boss, paranormal investigator David Dean, to take him there to investigate. What they find there will change them forever.

My Quaint Little Space

In keeping with the cleaning of my mental cobwebs, I have also cleaned and reorganized my writing space. This is a very important step for a reemerging author. You need a space that sparks your imagination. One that keeps you focused, but that feels like a safe space to put your most sensitive work on paper.

I know that most writers, like me, believe that a cluttered space is a sure sign of a writers mind at work, but even I can’t focus on writing while thinking about the last time I vacuumed my office! I have now surrounded myself with things that I love, including my new X Files Pop Vinyl collection, and I’m ready to grow some creative clutter!imag0673

I’ve Been A Very Bad Writer!

A lot has changed in my life in the past few years and, unfortunately, I fell off the writing wagon again. With multiple unfinished manuscripts and commitments, I needed to go out in to the world and earn a living that would sustain a freshly single mother with a mortgage and plethora of two income bills!

I can finally say that I have comfortably reestablished myself and can now commit to writing again! Just typing those words feels like freedom!

As the days turn to weeks I hope to have completed the third book in my paranormal series and continued work on a young adult piece that I am creating for my nephew. Both are long overdue.

Stop by and see my progress! I’ve missed you!

Ghost Hunter Interview

Meet Brenda

Brenda Williams Archer grew up in a small community in the middle of Cajun country on Bayou Beouf.  The house she grew up in was built in the 1950’s on the site of an old plantation.  The plantation house was torn down because of all the paranormal activity associated with it.  Doors and windows being opened, objects being moved, etc.

The house that was built on the plantation site started having similar activity, but only when she was around.  Once she moved out, all of the activity stopped in the house.  However, it never stopped for her.

She started doing research on paranormal happenings and haunting.  The more she read, the more excited she became because she realized she was not alone and that others experienced the same things.  She began going with friends to graveyards and old houses trying to find things and “speak” to spirits.

Over the years, she’s had different experiences. She has seen visions of things that happened in certain places.  She has had names pop into her head, only to find that someone with that name was either buried in the particular graveyard she was in or lived at the house she was investigating.

About a year ago, she learned of Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigators.  She contacted them and requested to join.  Now she belongs to the largest paranormal team in the South and she hasn’t looked back.

Brenda is very passionate about the paranormal and doesn’t mind sharing her experiences with those who may be interested. I asked Brenda to share her knowledge and experiences with m. To read my interview with Brenda, click here: Brenda Williams Archer Interview on Hubpages

Why I hate that I love writing … sometimes

I usually hate my love of writing when the bills are coming due. The mortgage company doesn’t want to hear that book sales are down and job prospects are low. The same is true for the mechanic when the car breaks down and the kids when they want a new gadget or trip to the mall.


I hate that I love writing when I remember what it was like to have regular bi-weekly pay checks and the ability to budget and plan because I always knew how much money was coming in even though my work did nothing to fulfill me or make me feel whole.


I used to hate it when, after a long day of work, I settled in to my bed and couldn’t sleep a wink because some imaginary character was prodding me like an insistent child, demanding that I go jot down his story.


I hate the uncomfortable feeling I get when I run in to former colleagues who ask, “What are you doing now?” and look at me with credulity when I say, “I am a writer, now.”


Finally, I hate that the modern writer needs to be a supreme marketer in order to survive. Writers are generally introverts by nature and the fact that they must become overt sales people is psychological trauma.


Thank goodness for the all the times that I love my love of writing. Like when someone reads my work and tells me, exuberantly, how much they related to the characters, or how my advice on a subject helped them out or made their life easier for a day. If it weren’t for those times, I would go back to pretending to be someone else.



Short Story Submission – Cutting My Fluff

I completed a short story for submission to an anthology today. When I completed the first draft I realized that I had gone over the maximum word count per the guidelines. I’m not sure why, but I convinced myself that it was 5000 words when it was actually 4000. I cut roughly 700 words from the story and thought, with this limited word count, the story will surely suffer from the loss! When I reread it, however, it was a much cleaner, crisper, better organized piece. It’s funny how well you can identify and erase your “fluff” when you have to! It was definitely an eye opening exercise for me, anyway.

Free Kindle Book – You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

I grabbed a free copy of Jeff Goins e-book today. I think that most independent authors are already familiar with the tips that Jeff outlines but this little e-book is very well written and I appreciated seeing that Jeff, like me, had experienced much of the same self-doubt and struggle. Grab a copy if you like.

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins