New Releases

I am currently working on a serial fiction collection entitled, The Haunted Collection. The Kindle edition of the third short work went live today on Amazon!

Remembered – The Ghosts of Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, Louisiana leaving devastation and ruin in its path. Following a mandatory evacuation order, many people fled to safety. For reasons of their own, others stayed to ride out the storm. Many did not make it, but those who did faced days of isolation as up to three feet of water covered the city when the levees broke.

In this fictional tale, one unlikely couple bunker down in the French Quarter and wait for the waters to recede. They think they’ve found safety among friends in the abandoned city but one of them encounters a presence so evil it will turn their world upside down.

When psychic genius Thomas Lynch sees accounts of paranormal activity in New Orleans on the news, he convinces his boss, paranormal investigator David Dean, to take him there to investigate. What they find there will change them forever.

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