Bonnie Taylor is an author and proud parent of three girls. Bonnie was born in New Jersey and educated in New York and New Jersey but currently resides in Central Louisiana.

Bonnie is a fiction author with CPP Publishing and writes in the paranormal and fantasy genres.

When Bonnie is not writing she enjoys visiting haunted locations, working on her hobby farm, and reading/watching all things paranormal.

Her current works include:

The Not Forgotten Series:

Lilly’s Story (Book 1)

At Second Sight (Book 2)

Zac’s Guitar (Book 3)

Red Door (Companion Novella)

The Travelers (Companion Novella)

Stand Alone Novels:

The Wisdom of Coyotes

The Servants of the Legacy

The X Collective

Short Works and Serial Fiction:

The Haunted Collection (Serial Fiction)

The Broken Mirror Collection (Twisted Fairy Tales)


The Witches of Amber Wood Series

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