Souls Recognize Each Other

What does it mean to say that souls recognize each other by vibes, not appearances?

To me it means that the right love for you could come from the people who, on the surface, seem the most unlikely to fulfill you. Maybe their soul wears a body that doesn’t match the one that rest of the world has told you to find attractive. Maybe they’re older or younger or their hair isn’t “the right color”, or they’re the “wrong” nationality. You see, souls weren’t made to suffer superficiality. Souls know who will nourish them and who will feed them a feast of lies. Always listen to that little voice. Surround yourself with the souls who recognize you as part of their fold regardless of the opinions of others. Your happiness is more important than other people’s opinions.

Share Your Story

Ghosts? Aliens? Haunted places?

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My Universe

One day almost eleven years ago I sat down at my computer and began writing a short story for an online publication. I never submitted it. What started out as a concise little ghost story evolved in to something more and “Not Forgotten – Lilly’s Story” was born. Then, two years later the group of rag tag paranormal investigators from that novel whispered in my ear and told me that there was another story that needed to be told and “At Second Sight” emerged. Later, my brother asked me if I had written anything suitable for his preteen son to read and I set out to write something especially for Zac. Guess what happened? Those pesky ghost hunters joined the party and we created “Zacs’ Guitar”.

Since that time, the Highgate Paranormal Research Society have given me two companion novellas: Red Door and The Travelers and my current work in progress; a series of ten short ghost stories called The Haunted Collection.

I’ve taken to calling it the “Not Forgotten Universe” and it continues to grow even taking a side step in to the world of shape shifters in the second Wisdom of Coyotes book: “The Lure of the Priestess”

Who knows where or when it will end. All I know is that I find myself feeling grateful that these characters chose me to be the teller of their stories.